Vitiligo Treatment in Gurgaon

Vitiligo is a chronic skin ailment that befalls when skin pigment cells expire or are inept to function and the skin loses its pigment. The precise cause of vitiligo is unidentified. Recent research suggests that the condition is a multifactorial ailment and that both heredities and environment are the reasons. Vitiligo is categorized by patches of pale, depigmented skin. Normally, this occurs on the edges. The affected region is usually trivial, but grows over time. The degree that vitiligo can appear and cover an individual’s body depends on the category of vitiligo. Patients suffering with vitiligo might feel helpless and defamed. It impacts an individual’s appearance and feelings of depression can be common amid patients. There is no antidote for vitiligo, but treatment is available in the form of vitiligo surgery & laser vitiligo treatment in Gurgaon at Nangia Skin Care Clinic.

Vitiligo Surgery

Laser represents one of the latest remarkable advances in laser dermatology. This laser discharges narrow band ultraviolet B light and has been revealed to encourage re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment from their skin. Not only does the laser provide UVB light which rouses the pigment-producing cells, its deep penetration permits the light to reach any living pigment-producing cells in the vitiliginous zone. Vitiligo treatment is undertaken in a series of laser sittings.

laser vitiligo treatment

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