Skin Polishing By Microdermabrasion in Gurgaon

Microdermabrasion or skin polishing treatment in Gurgaon is a noninvasive skin polishing and revitalizing process implemented here at Nangia Skin Care Clinic. A microdermabrasion serum or cream base is used which essentially encompasses small crystal specks with diamond tips to graze the superficial layer of the skin very mildly. It is a painless procedure. It simply might feel like you are getting another facial, while the deceased skin cells of the skin are taken out to prompt the growth of new skin cells soon. This revitalizes the skin, augments complexion, treats several skin complications and lessens noticeable age lines.

The process

A microdermabrasion kit is used on the face, which is a light vacuum pipe with a head. As the micro-crystals in the cream polishes the skin and shoves off deceased skin cells, the vacuum pipe gathers the dead cell debris from the skin surface. You feel the head casually slide on your face and neck, as the skin gets polished and cleaned concurrently.


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