PRP Therapy in Gurgaon for Hair Loss, Anti-aging

Aging is very bothersome for both males and females. If you are encountering hair loss, hair fall and other anti-aging skin issues and eyeing for a cost-effective treatment route, then you can opt PRP therapy in Gurgaon at Nangia Skin Care Clinic, Gurgaon. PRP treatment for anti-aging or hair loss works on a principle that using your own natural platelets to tutor the body to produce new collagen for tighter, smoother and better-toned skin.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a natural artifact and treatment elicited from your own body. It encompasses procuring a sample of your own blood for concentration and then segregation of the red and white cells from the platelets and the plasma. Rich platelets encompassing growth factors are there in this concentrated plasma. This is then re-administered into your skin at the clinic.

How do platelets revivify the skin?

Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and arouse new cell growth. When the PRP is vaccinated into particular zones of the skin, it acts as a medium that encourages your own collagen to grow and rejuvenate tissue as well as accelerates the skin’s repair procedure. This repair procedure leads to smoother, tauter skin, less scarring and better-quality skin tone.

How does it work?

A trivial quantity of blood is taken from your arm, less than that is usually taken for routine blood tests. The blood is then sited in a vessel and rolled in a centrifuge to isolate the red blood cells and plasma. The procedure concentrates the platelet count to around 4X normal. This platelet-rich plasma is then activated and vaccinated into the skin or scalp, or applied topically in a surface regeneration stroke.

PRP Treatment in Gurgaon for Hair Fall

At Nangia Skin Care Clinic, Old Railway Road, Gurgaon - With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is vaccinated into the scalp. Then, the growth factors in your blood cells perform their work and hair growth is naturally encouraged.

PRP therapy for hair fall treatment is appropriate for both males and females. It is a pioneering, non-surgical, completely natural alternative medical process used for the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning. Our blood plasma (PRP) encompasses active growth factors which can encourage hair growth, thus assisting to reinstate one’s confidence. The end product is a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair.

If you are facing hair loss, hair fall & anti-aging problem and looking for a cost effective treatment option then opt PRP therapy in Gurgaon for hair loss anti-aging at Nangia Skin Care Clinic, Old Railway Road, Gurugram.

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