Nail Infections

Toenail problems can affect individuals of all ages, but they are more common in older folks. Common reasons of fingernail problems include injury, septicity and skin syndromes such as eczema and psoriasis. Reasons of toenail problems consist of trauma, ill-fitting shoes, poor blood circulation, poor nerve supply and infection.

When we comment on nail issues, we actually mean fungal nail infection, thickened nails, ridged nails, nails discoloration, splitting nails, brittle nails, etc. Nail infection treatment or any medicine is usually aimed at the fungi that cause such infections. Topical over-the-counter products used as nail infection medicine, in the meantime, work much better for fungal skin infections or infected nails for people. These are topical preparations and they just don't infiltrate nail well enough to act on the fungus growing in the nail bed. If you have any type of nail infection, you should refer a medical health professional like Dr. Anup K. Nangia for confirmation and info about safe nail infection treatment options in Gurgaon.

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