Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

Facing melasma & pigmentation issues, pigmentation & melasma treatment in Gurgaon at Nangia Skin Care Clinic, may be an option worth considering.

melasma treatment

Skin pigmentation marks are a build-up of melanocytes (cells encompassing melanin) below the skin leading to pigmented marks on the hands, face and body regions. Also, Melasma is a skin disorder that countless females suffer from related to pigmentation. To say by-bye to this issue, you can opt for laser pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon at Nangia Skin Care Clinic.

Q-switched Laser pigmentation treatment

The Q-switched laser creates a wavelength of high energy light, which is then converted into heat energy. This can target the particular zone of pigmentation as the laser is absorbed only by cells encompassing an excessive concentration of pigmentation. This causes effectual destruction while leaving the nearby tissue untouched. Laser pigmentation or melasma treatment principally aims to clear off the pigmented areas of the skin where the concentration of melanin, the ingredient, which determines the color of the skin, is high in nature. This is a gradual procedure and can take around six months to be completely removed.

Benefits of pigmentation removal by laser

  1. Can reduce and eradicate the appearance of pigmentation
  2. Treats body and facial regions
  3. Nominal side-effects and retrieval time
  4. Make-up can be applied after treatment

If you wish to undergo melasma & laser pigmentation removal in Gurgaon, Visiting Nangia Skin Care Clinic, Old Railway Road Shiv Puri more, Gurugram can help you a lot!

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