Earlobe Repair & Ear Piercing in Gurgaon

At Nangia Skin care Clinic, Earlobe repair in Gurgaon is implemented to repair the contour and appearance of the earlobes. A split or torn earlobe is one of the most common aesthetic defects of the ear. This can arise from heavy earrings, an earlobe that is pierced in an unsuitable position, or from trauma to the lobe. It can cause suffering to the patient who wants to continue to wear earrings or would like to reinstate evenness to their earlobes. Luckily, there is a simple and effective process that can fix these earlobe tears at Nangia Skin Care Clinic, Gurgaon. Earlobe repair is executed to repair the stretching from an ear gauge, a torn earlobe, or an engorged earring hole.


The gradation of the earlobe tear helps to determine the kind of repair required. Small flaps are at times used to restructure the earlobe. Absorbable sutures are usually used, and because of their color and trivial size, they are well-cloaked. Doctor uses specialized suturing methods to minimalize scar formation.


There is minimal discomposure after earlobe repair and if needed, patients can go back to work instantaneously after the process. In maximum cases, dissolvable sutures are placed, so suture removal isn’t compulsory.

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